This site is working like Wikipedia so if you already know how to add pages on Wikipedia you have the advantage.

First Steps Edit

At first you choose a title for the Page. Company comes first, then a title (if company has more than one commercial) and then the year it was shown on television. For example Acura - Acura NSX Super Bowl (2013) .

Fill it with contentEdit

For the first page I used a simple design. You write a description of the commercial (should not extend over more then two sentences). Then comes the Company Origin and "Made for". If the commercial is shown with the same content just in different languages you should leave it open. "Made for" is only necessary if for example Volkswagen makes a commercial for the US-american Super Bowl:

Company Origin: Flag of Germany svg

Made for: 22px-Flag of the United States svg

After that you put the pictures of cars. If the car has a specific role you can also add a description of what happens to the car.

Final Step Edit

After you have finished you add your page to the List of Commercials added. This is mandatory!

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